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Torque Limiters

LS series friction torque limiters ranging from 2 to 12,000 Nm.

Up to 19 different design forms to suit a wide scope of applications.

The “LS…” series torque limiters are safety devices that intervene to protect mechanical transmissions and respective components that are subjected to repeated overloads generated by abnormal operating conditions, thus preventing faults and damage that take the machine out of service and are usually caused by unprotected parts.

Operation relies on friction that keeps materials of different consistency under tension.

The friction torque limiters allow immediate release from the excess torque applied to the transmission; they do not need resetting and permit an immediate visual inspection of operating conditions. They also offer an excellent price/ performance ratio.


LASS series ball/roller bearing type torque limiters providing accurate and precision machinery protection.

Ranging from 23 to 2,000 Nm.

“LASS” series torque limiters are safety devices protecting mechanical transmissions and relevant assemblies

subjected to repeated overloading and, in any event, caused by incorrect operating conditions. Tripping of the limiters is total and definitive, causing transmission to stop mechanically and stopping the drive unit by means of an

electrical device (microswitch). This device is equipped with a “Feeler” in contact with the surface of the limiter’s mobile half-coupling.


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