EMG Automation Gmbh (Germany)

Electrical Hydraulic Thrusters


Electrohydraulic standard series thrusters from 120 to 6300 N rated strokes from 40 to 120mm.

Series EB and special versions to DIN 15430


Electrohydraulic thruster ELDRO®

ELDRO brake thrusters have been able to maintain their leading position in terms of functional reliability, service life and high availability for decades.

  • High reliability.
  • Long service life with minimum maintenance due to low wear operation under continuous self lubrication.
  • Soft and smooth operation due to the hydraulic principle.
  • Fast response (short regulating times).
  • High switching frequency: up to 2000 cycles per hour.
  • Reversing operation without restrictions.
  • Simple installation and dismantling.
  • No reversing contactors required as the motor may rotate in either direction.
  • Overloading during operation not possible.
  • Suitable for adjusting length of stroke from outside as required.
  • Stepless prolongation of lifting and/or lowering times by the fitting of valves.
  • Universal applications also in hazardous areas in which there is danger of occurrence of explosion.

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